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Sponsoring the GardenCity Ruby Conference is a great way to get access to the top Ruby talent in Bangalore, and from around the world.

Whether your goals are recruiting, brand awareness, developer adoption, or anything else, we bring together couple of hundred highly qualified engineers, in an intimate, network-heavy environment.

To learn more about sponsoring, download the Prospectus.

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Gold Sponsors

  • Flipkart is the largest e-commerce platform in India and has been operational since 2007. Today it offers products across 17+ categories along with a slew of innovative features.

Silver Sponsors

  • Josh Software

    True to its name, it was an innate enthusiasm and passion for building web solutions in Ruby On Rails that led to the establishment of Josh Software in 2007. With a belief that Programming is An Art, Josh Software has a unique organizational process focused to facilitate high performance, scalability and high-standard code quality. The hand picked Josh Software team of 25 regularly contributes back to the Ruby community.

  • Nilenso

    Nilenso is an employee-owned programmer's collective based out of Bangalore. We ship beautiful, well-tested code using Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Clojure. Our focus on agile and XP practices help us engage with our customers as their technical team and champion a product from inception to launch and beyond.

  • GitHub

    GitHub is the best way to build software together. Whether it's your company's app, your favorite open source library, or a weekend side project, GitHub helps everyone work better by providing tools for easier collaboration and code sharing on any device. Start collaborating today—open source project hosting is free!

  • Qwinix

    Transparency, Clarity, Understanding - These are the cornerstones of commerce today. Your clients need to see right through you to a clear, common-sense solution. That's where we come in — developing visionary, customized applications that go beyond your wildest dreams — making you and your offerings clear, transparent, understandable. We use Convergence - Web, Mobile, Social & Cloud in synch to support one another and create the most robust solutions for you. Qwinix Technologies is based in Denver, CO and Mysore, India.

Associate Plus Sponsors

  • ParamiSoft

    Parami in ParamiSoft means perfection in Pali. ParamiSoft is a combination of 'Parami' which is "beyond perfection" and 'soft' is "software". We believe in crafting software beyond perfection and have been practicing it from last 4 years. We are creating a balanced work environment to empower high performance teams to provide WOW services to our clients.

  • Bang The Table

    Bang The Table was founded in 2007 to give the silent majority a chance to participate in the democratic processes occurring around them everyday. Our SaaS product helps governments collaborate with their communities. We dominate Australia and make waves elsewhere because our B2B software feels B2C – intuitive and so so pretty. Come help us build a world-class product.

Associate Sponsors

  • MavenHive

    MavenHive is a boutique consulting firm which offers expert technical consulting to global startups. Led by a core team of professionals with almost a decade of average experience with Agile and a variety of technologies, we offer proven expertise with leading technologies and build solutions which meet the highest quality requirements of the industry.

  • GoodWorkLabs

    GoodWorkLabs is a new-age software lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. With an objective to solve complex problems for customers, the firm specialises in outsourced product development, high-end mobile/gaming apps and custom software development across technologies including Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, .Net, iOS, Mac, Android.

  • Codebrahma

    Codebrahma is the best way to get your ideas built, be it for web/mobile

  • Codemancers

    Agile, experienced and a thorough commitment to quality describes what we do at Codemancers. We are experts at delivering well crafted Rails, JS and iOS applications on time.

  • Multunus"

    Working Software every 2 days. Android. iOS. HTML5. Ruby on Rails. As a customer of ours told us, its "a miraculous partnership" . You should find out why. Talk to us @multunus or

  • Mahaswami"

    Mahaswami is a Ruby and Rails consulting firm focused on delivering complex business solutions on MRI and JRuby platforms

  • SupportBee

    SupportBee is the easiest way for companies to manage their customer support emails. While staying close to an email like experience, SupportBee gives companies the tools needed to effortlessly collaborate with their entire team on support emails. Our ticket volume based pricing model encourages you to add everyone in your team to your support desk and get them involved in customer support.

  • Icicle

    Icicle, based in Mumbai & Bangalore, is a Ruby on Rails development company building Web & Mobile products for Startups & Enterprises across the globe. Established in 2004, Icicle has delivered excellent & successful products built by a team of passionate, entrepreneurial developers. A strong advocate of open source, Icicle has supported Ruby & Ruby on Rails community in building up Ruby eco-system.

  • Cognitive Clouds

    CognitiveClouds, has been a disruptive software development company building highly reliable, scalable software for innovative industry leaders and emerging companies across a number of industries. We help customers bring a new product vision to market, accelerate their existing development efforts to strengthen their in-house development if required. We provide expertise in three competencies crucial to building the best product design: design, development and product management.

  • BigBinary

    BigBinary is a Ruby on Rails development shop. We also build mobile applications using RubyMotion. We love open source and our team members have contributed to lots of open source projects. Watch our videos section to see videos on topics ranging from "How Arel Works" to "How to use Deferred in jQuery".

  • Masymbol

    We are a team of Ruby on Rails developers. We deliver successful products to keep our clients happy using Agile. We build your ideas to make a successful product using Ruby on Rails, node.js and Backbone.js. We are a lean, agile development team for whole host of elements from start-up companies. We are highly technical Ruby On Rails developers who passionate to deliver the code using behaviour driven development.