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Panel Discussion

At Garden City Rubyconf - We will be conducting hour long panel discussion on Programming languages and evolution of Ruby.

The panel will be made of following people with years of industry experience.

  • Chad Fowler is Author of Passionate Programmer. He is creator of Rubygems (along with Rich Kilmer and Jim) and his contributions to Ruby and programming community in general has been nothing less than tremendous.
  • Baishampayan Ghose (commonly known as `BG') is a polyglot programmer with wide exposure to a variety of programming languages and techniques. He digs functional programming and has programmed professionally in Common Lisp & Clojure. Currently he is Co-founder/CTO at Helpshift.
  • Yogi is Principal Architect at Flipkart and an ex-thoughtworker. At Flipkart he has overseen Ruby being used at one of the largest deployments in India.
  • Venkat is CEO of Mahaswami Software and he has been programming in Ruby for last 10 years. At Mahaswami he has used Ruby and JRuby in various capacities and seen Ruby evolve from version 1.6.7.

The panel discussion will be moderated by:

  • Hemant is a programmer geek with huge interest in programming languages and concurrency. Previously he has worked on stock market trading platform using Scala and Ruby. He is co founder of Codemancers where he helps startups adopt Ruby and other new technologies.

This will be a unique opportunity to learn how good programmers learn new programming languages and as a Rubyist what we should be doing next to improve ourselves.