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Volunteer for handling wifi & internet connectivity

Getting the wifi and internet connectivity at a technical conference is hard. See How to make WIFI work at tech conferences (Part 1 of N) and The conference wifi checklist for the intricacies involved.

Garden City Ruby Conference will have 200 participants at the venue with multiple devices connecting to the internet. In addition, there will be 50/100/200 people watching the live-stream of the talks on

We need someone to be the main person responsible for all aspects of wifi and internet connectivity at the conference.

If you are interested in taking on this role, please send a short note to with what interests you about this role by EOD Monday Sep 30th.

The team will select one person for the role. The selected person will get a complimentary ticket to the conference, and the gratitude of the organizing team and the community for a job well-done.

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