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Schedule is ready

Thank you everyone who submitted the proposals and congratulations to the selected speakers. We’ve our schedule ready.

We had the CFP running for almost for a month i.e. it started on 1st of October and ended on 26th October. We got a total of 72 proposals, checkout the details here.

As mentioned, we have 4 keynotes and 2 invited talks. We have included a Panel Discussion and a Lightning talks as well in the schedule. That left us time for 9 selected talks.

Apart from the ratings by the selection committee, which is same as the organising committee, we also came up with the following decisions:

  • Not to have more than 2 speakers from outside India to give more opportunity for people from India
  • Not to have more than 1 speaker from the organising committee

The one thing I felt personally we could have done better is to have more conversations with the submitters during the CFP time to help people to make their proposals better. This becomes harder if many proposals get submitted towards the end of CFP, but may encourage people to submit proposals earlier in the future.

Some people had asked whether there would a public voting. There is a possibility that it might happen in the future editions of the conference.

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