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Conference dates moved ahead by a day

GCRC 2014 will happen on Friday 3rd Jan and Saturday 4th Jan of 2014.

Get ready to experience an amazing ruby conference on a Friday & Saturday at GCRC 2014, and have a Sunday’s rest to process all of it before you head back to work on a Monday.

Originally the dates were set to be 4th-5th Jan 2014. This was in keeping with the tradition of RubyConf India conferences always happening on a Saturday & Sunday.

In our discussions around GCRC organization work recently, couple of folks whose opinions we value highly suggested we should host the conference during the work week instead of weekends. That made us rethink our Ruby Conferences in India can only happen on weekends; people don’t want to take time off from the work week to be at a conference assumption.

Given that the conference’s main objective is to add value to the professional lives of the participants, it made ample sense that the conference happen on weekdays. After checking with everyone involved (Organizing team members, the invited speakers, and the two hotels in consideration for the venue), the conference dates have been moved ahead by a day to happen on a Friday & Saturday.

The 2013 edition of Rocky Mountain Ruby Conference that I attended over the last few days was from Wednesday to Friday, well before the weekend began.

We don’t have the flexibility for this edition of the conference to be moved fully to weekdays (say Thursday & Friday). That would definitely be something we will consider for the 2015 edition of Garden City Ruby Conference!

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