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Announcing Silver Sponsor - Qwinix

The #GCRC team welcomes Qwinix on board as a Silver Sponsor. Qwinix has been one of earliest supporters of the Mysore Ruby group and you can regularly see Qwinix folks hang out at the Mysore Ruby meetups. Say hi to them at GCRC.

Qwinix Technologies says:

Transparency, Clarity, Understanding - These are the cornerstones of commerce today. Your clients need to see right through you to a clear, common-sense solution. That's where we come in — developing visionary, customized applications that go beyond your wildest dreams — making you and your offerings clear, transparent, understandable. We use Convergence - Web, Mobile, Social & Cloud in synch to support one another and create the most robust solutions for you. Qwinix Technologies is based in Denver, CO and Mysore, India.

There are a few more sponsorship slots open. Please join Qwinix Technologies in sponsoring the conference and help us put up an awesome event. More about sponsoring GCRC14 at
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