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Announcing Gold Sponsor - Flipkart

Thanks to Flipkart for being a Gold Sponsor at #GCRC14 and enabling us to put up an awesome event. Flipkart has always been a big promoter of the Indian Ruby Community.

If you want to understand how to scale Ruby, there is no one better to talk to than the Flipkart Tech Team. They have done a fabulous job of scaling Ruby to an extent that it powers the India’s largest e-commerce platform. Reach out to them at the Flipkart sponsor booth at the conference.

Flipkart says: is the largest e-commerce platform in India and has been operational since 2007. Today it offers products across 17+ categories along with a slew of innovative features.

There are a few more sponsorship slots open. Please join Flipkart in sponsoring the conference and help us put up an awesome event. More about sponsoring GCRC14 at
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