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Announcing Associate Sponsor - CognitiveClouds

#GCRC thanks CognitiveClouds for signing up to be an Associate Sponsor. The team at CognitiveClouds is a good mix of experience and youth. Talk to them at the conference to find out their development and testing workflows.

CognitiveClouds says:

CognitiveClouds, has been a disruptive software development company building highly reliable, scalable software for innovative industry leaders and emerging companies across a number of industries. We help customers bring a new product vision to market, accelerate their existing development efforts to strengthen their in-house development if required. We provide expertise in three competencies crucial to building the best product design: design, development and product management.

There are a few more sponsorship slots open. Please join CognitiveClouds in sponsoring the conference and help us put up an awesome event. More about sponsoring GCRC14 at
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