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Announcing Associate Sponsor - Masymbol

Thanks to Masymbol for signing up to be an Associate Sponsor at #GCRC. Masymbol is showing their support for the Indian Ruby Community by sponsoring GCRC and RubyConf India. We wish them a wonderful experience at the conference. Do ask them how they chose their name when you meet them at the conference.

Masymbol says:

We are a team of Ruby on Rails developers. We deliver successful products to keep our clients happy using Agile. We build your ideas to make a successful product using Ruby on Rails, node.js and Backbone.js. We are a lean, agile development team for whole host of elements from start-up companies. We are highly technical Ruby On Rails developers who passionate to deliver the code using behaviour driven development.

There are a few more sponsorship slots open. Please join Masymbol in sponsoring the conference and help us put up an awesome event. More about sponsoring GCRC14 at
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